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From "Rainer Doebele" <doeb...@take1.de>
Subject Champion wanted for Empire-db project
Date Tue, 20 May 2008 15:05:52 GMT
Hello everyone,

We would like to donate our relational data persistence component called
Empire-db to the ASF. According to the Incubator documentation we need to
find a Champion who can help us with the incubation process.

Even though with iBatis, JDO and Torgue there already are several database
related projects, we think our Empire-db could be a great extension to the
ASF project list as it works considerably different in many ways. Most of
all Empire-db uses a Java Object Model rather than XML-Mappings or
Annotations to describe the database schema. Therefore all Tables, Views,
Columns and so on are Objects which can be referenced from the code to
dynamically build SQL commands or to access Data model metadata – entirely
without the need to provide string literals. This in turn significantly
increases compile-time-safety and simplifies testing and maintenance.
Additionally uses benefit from the IDE’s code completion when building
column transformation expressions or constraints.

Empire-db is a mature project which has been proved its capabilities in many
medium to large scale projects. However we have only recently made it Open
Source under Apache 2.0 License.

There is a lot more information on the Empire-db website on

If anyone would like to act as a Champion or knows someone who could be a
suitable Champion we would be happy to get his/her contact details and
further instructions.

Best regards,

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