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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject [wiki] MoinMoin wikis for DB project set up
Date Sat, 28 Feb 2004 09:22:42 GMT
Dear DB PMC,

I have set up MoinMoin wikis for DB at


Please take a look at the README file in /www/wiki.apache.org on 
minotaur, http://wiki.apache.org/db/HelpContents and http://moin.sf.net 
for more information about MoinMoin.

I have also attempted to migrate all content from the UseMod wiki 
installation to the appropriate places in the new MoinMoin wiki 
installation. Since the migration script is not perfect, some pages may 
be missing and/or looking awkward. You will need to fix these manually.

Specifically, page where copied over as follows:

*DB*            ->      /db
*OJB* *Ojb*     ->      /db-ojb
*Torque*        ->      /db-torque

Note that cvs-style commit messages for changes made to the wiki will be 
sent to the appropriate mailing lists as has been requested (the 
moderator for those mailing lists will likely need to make some changes 
to allow these to go through).

Please contact us on the infrastructure@apache.org mailing list if you 
have any questions (prefix the e-mail subject with '[wiki]').

best regards,

- Leo Simons

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