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From Martin Poeschl <mpoes...@marmot.at>
Subject Re: [sql] move from commons sandbox to db or db-commons?
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 22:23:37 GMT
__matthewHawthorne wrote:

> Thomas Mahler wrote:
>> Sounds reasonable for me!
>> But I don't know if we need any special procedure for such a move.
>> I also don't know if it make sense to continue it as a sepearte 
>> project or if it should be incorporated into the torque project for 
>> instance?
>> any thought how to proceed?
> Well, since the code was originally in Torque, but then separated into 
> another project, I don't think it makes sense to put it back into 
> Torque.  It was moved into Jakarta Commons because it contains some 
> generally useful functionality.  But, I think it would be a better fit 
> in the DB Commons.

commons-sql is a refactored subset of the torque generator ... at the 
time it was started the torque generator and runtime parts were not 
separated .. maybe it would be good to combine the torque-gen and 
commons-sql again (replace commons-sql with the torque-gen or use c-sql 
as a base for torque-gen)


> When I asked about a special procedure, I meant where to import the 
> code in CVS, and also any formal proposals or anything that I need to 
> create.

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