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From Rodney Waldhoff <rwaldh...@apache.org>
Subject [RESULT][VOTE][PROPOSAL] proposal for the axion database sub-project
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 23:32:09 GMT
With 4 binding +1s (Thomas Mahler, Rodney Waldhoff, John McNally, Geir
Magnusson), this proposal has been approved by a 3/4 majority of the DB
PMC, as required by <http://db.apache.org/newproject.html>

The next step, according to
is for the DB PMC to nominate one or more "mentors" for the incubation
process.  At least one of these mentors must be an ASF member, and then
forward all of this info to the incubator PMC for their approval.

If I remember correctly, Jason volunteered to act as this mentor at one
point (although I can't seem to find the email right now), but I think
he's currently mentoring another incubating project as well, so I don't
know if he still has the time/interest to take on another.  Failing that,
as I've mentioned before, both James and Morgan are active axion
committers and ASF members as well, if either of those folks wanted to
step up to the plate.  Otherwise the DB PMC will have to pick someone, I

It is my hope and more or less my expectation that axion should move
through the incubator in a matter of weeks rather than months.  I should
hope it is largely a matter of ensuring any axion committers who aren't
already apache committers get a signed CLA on file, moving the cvs
repository over, and making sure everything has got an ASF licence on top.
I don't think "incubator mentor for axion" will be a long term
commitment, and shouldn't be too much work.  I'll be more than happy to
help push the process along.  As before, there is a basic work plan at

On Tue, 11 Nov 2003, Rodney Waldhoff wrote:

> As has been long discussed here and elsewhere, the following is a proposal
> for migrating the Axion database project to Apache DB.
> If approved by the Apache DB PMC, it is our understanding that Axion will
> then enter the incubation process.  We suggest Jason van Zyl be named the
> "champion" or "sponsoring individual" (or whatever we're calling it these
> days) since he is an Axion committer, an Apache DB PMC member, an ASF
> member and has volunteered for the job, although a number of Axion
> committers are also ASF members and hence would meet the incubator's
> "champion" criteria.
> Non-normatively, there is working draft of how we expect this migration to
> proceed available at
> <http://axion.tigris.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=dev&msgNo=698>.
> =========================================
> Proposal for Creating an Axion sub-project within the Apache DB Project
> (0) Rationale and Consideration of Sub-Project Criteria
> Axion is a relational database engine currently developed and released
> under an Apache/BSD-like license.
> While it has not yet had a formal 1.0 release, Axion is not a new project.
> Axion has had three binary "milestone" releases, the first of which was
> released over a year ago (9 July 2002) [1].  The project has been under
> active development since early 2002 [2] and has shown regular and diverse
> growth in both the development and user communities.
> The Axion team has operated under meritocratic guidelines [3] similar to
> and derived from those of the ASF since its inception.
> The Axion project has strong personal ties to the Apache community.  Many
> members of the Axion community are contributors or committers to one or
> more ASF projects, serve on one or more ASF PMCs or are ASF members. [4]
> The Axion project has strong technical ties to the Apache community.
> Axion uses several ASF libraries [5], and as a project, has contributed
> code back to those libraries where appropriate [6].  Some existing ASF
> projects use or support Axion currently, others have expressed an interest
> in doing so (notably the Apache Directory Project).
> Similarly, many current ASF projects could advantage of a robust,
> ASF-licensed Java database engine and there several projects with which
> Axion could collaborate on infrastructural components.
> (1) Scope
> The project will create and maintain a (primarily relational) database
> engine and related utilities, to be distributed under an ASF-license.
> (2) Initial Source
> The initial source of the project will be the material currently available
> from <http://axion.tigris.org/>.  This source is currently available under
> an ASF-style license, and the community has elected to migrate to an ASF
> license. [7]
> (3) Apache DB Resources to be Created
> (3.1) Mailing Lists
> * axion-dev@db.apache.org
> * axion-user@db.apache.org
> (perhaps others as needed)
> (3.2) Version Control Repository
> * cvs/db-axion on cvs.apache.org
> (3.3) Web Site
> * http://db.apache.org/axion/
> (3.4) Other
> Issue tracking (bugzilla), email archive (eyebrowse), etc. entries as
> appropriate.
> (4) Initial Set of Committers
> The following is the current set of committers to Axion at Tigris.
> * Ahimanikya Satapathy (tigris id: ahimanikya)
> * Chuck Burdick (tigris id: cburdick)
> * David Pekarek Krohn (tigris id: dkrohn)
> * Daniel Rall (tigris id: dlr, apache id: dlr)
> * Doug Sale (tigris id: dsale, apache id: dsale)
> * Geir Magnusson Jr. (tigris id: geir, apache id: geirm)
> * James Burke (tigris id: jburke)
> * James Strachan (tigris id: jstrachan, apache id: jstrachan)
> * Jason van Zyl (tigris id: jvanzyl, apache id: jvanzyl)
> * Morgan Delagrange (tigris id: morgand, apache id: morgand)
> * Martin Poeschl (tigris id: mpoeschl, apache id: mpoeschl)
> * Rodney Waldhoff (tigris id: rwald, apache id: rwaldhoff)
> * Steve Polyak (tigris id: spolyak)
> Each of these folks an "inactive" or "emeritus" committer to Axion at
> Apache DB.  An "inactive" committer may become "active" by (1) submitting
> a signed CLA
> (<http://incubator.apache.org/forms/ASF_Contributor_License_2_form.pdf>)
> to the ASF, if they haven't already and (2) notifying the Axion dev list
> of their intention to become active.
> (A) End Notes and Links
> [1] <http://axion.tigris.org/releases/index.html>
> [2] <http://axion.tigris.org/servlets/SummarizeList?listName=cvs>
> [3] <http://axion.tigris.org/guidelines.html>
> [4] Compare those with the "Developer" role or stronger at
> <http://axion.tigris.org/servlets/ProjectMemberList> with
> <http://www.apache.org/~jim/committers.html>
> [5] Currently Axion uses 8 external libraries when you include required
> and optional build, test and run-time dependencies. Of these, 6 are ASF
> libraries (Ant, Jakarta-Commons-Codec, Jakarta-Commons-Collections,
> Jakarta-Commons-Logging, Jakarta-Regexp, Maven).
> [6] Most notably, the commons-primitives component,
> which was initially developed within Axion then contributed to
> Jakarta-Commons, although there have been other less substantial
> enhancements and contributions.
> [7] See <http://axion.tigris.org/servlets/ReadMsg?list=dev&msgNo=697>,
> <http://axion.tigris.org/servlets/BrowseList?list=dev&by=thread&from=131142>
> and others.

- Rod <http://radio.weblogs.com/0122027/>

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