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From Karthik Kumar V <f2001...@bits-pilani.ac.in>
Subject I've got this wierd Idea
Date Sat, 29 Nov 2003 14:25:27 GMT
Hi People,

I am new to this group. My name is Karthik, and am a student of BITS, 
Pilani. I've got an idea, and i want to know if this idea is feasible, 
and, if feasible, how many people will be there to help me out.

Please do not delete this mail before you read it fully / comprehend it.
(I would like it to be a good Apache project because i've always admired 
and worked on Apache products.)

Well, this is about making a Web-Enabled DB FS service. This simply 
involves storing users ,groups, permissions, directories and files
on a Database (one with Blob support should do) ...

There will be requests for a file using something like :

http://files/a.gif (or)

dbfs://files/dir/b.php ...

in which case the file is sent to the user / program calling it ...

It's being planned to make such an architecture using Java (JDBC / OJB if 
possible) ....

The whole idea is to make things such as File Uploads / Downloads and File 
Management easier.... It will be useful for those who wish to support user 
quotas and files, if you people know what i mean ... 

It may also be useful for online file editing and the like ....

Maybe it's a tool : Servlet / JSP ... Maybe it's something more than that; 
may involve a WebDBFS protocol or something like that ...

The whole purpose is the same, to make online file management easier.

So that's about it. What do you people feel about it?


Karthik Kumar V

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