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From jvan...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: db-site/xdocs/pmc initial-proposal.txt
Date Sun, 16 Feb 2003 16:35:36 GMT
jvanzyl     2003/02/16 08:35:36

  Added:       xdocs/pmc initial-proposal.txt
  o The initial proposal that the board decided on.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  db-site/xdocs/pmc/initial-proposal.txt
  Index: initial-proposal.txt
  R A T I O N A L E  A N D  E X P L A N A T I O N
  When ObjectBridge was proposed as a Jakarta project about six weeks ago
  many people were pleased at the prospect, but others were concerned
  about the burgeoning mass of projects accumulating and scope creep.
  ObjectBridge was accepted as a project under the proviso that we, at
  Jakarta, discussed the possibility of db.apache.org. 
  We would like to start db.apache.org to house as much of database
  related code at Apache and to give a potential home to other database
  related projects with strong developer communities  
  We are aware that all the projects listed are Java based but we do not
  want db.apache.org to be Java centric. Over time we hope that
  db.apache.org will be home to projects that are written in any number of
  languages. It just so happens that we, who are taking the initiative,
  all happen to be Jakarta committers. The board members involved in
  reviewing this proposal, who more than likely have numerous contacts
  with many developer communities, may have further suggests for projects
  that may seed db.apache.org.
  What follows is a list of people who would make up the initial PMC and
  the projects that would initially seed db.apache.org if this propsoal is
  P M C  M E M B E R S
  The following list of people would make up the PMC. All
  those listed have participated in the development of database
  related projects and would like to commit to initializing
  John McNally (Torque)
  Geir Magnusson Jr. (PoolMan, Commons DBCP)
  Thomas Mahler (ObjectBridge)
  Jason van Zyl (Axion, ObjectBridge, Torque)
  Rodney Waldoff (Axion, Commons DBCP)
  S E E D  P R O J E C T S
  To start, we plan to place the following projects into
  Pure Java Database
  Commons DBCP
  Database Connection Pooling
  General Purpose Persistence Layer
  http://objectbridge.sourceforge.net (this is now a jakarta project)
  Database Connection Pooling
  Database Persistence Layer
  Jason van Zyl

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