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From Ray Tayek <rta...@attbi.com>
Subject Fwd: Status
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2002 18:17:44 GMT

>Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 18:04:57 -0700
>To: db@apache.org
>From: Ray Tayek <rtayek@attbi.com>
>Subject: Fwd: Status
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>>Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 08:33:44 -0400
>>Subject: Status
>>From: "Geir Magnusson Jr." <geirm@adeptra.com>
>>To: <db@apache.org>
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>>Good morning.  Sorry about the delay - things got busy and was hoping more
>>people showed up.
>>I promised someone that I would put the a disclaimer at the top :
>>"The name 'db' is only a working name - we expect a much wider scope - so
>>don't get used to it."
>>I guess we have a bunch of people here now, so this starting status message
>>won't be wasted.
>>For those that don't know the history, we started this discussion group to
>>talk about the issues related to starting a new Apache subproject related to
>>data access, persistence, etc.  The original motivation was the proposal
>>that OJB move from SourceForge to Jakarta and how it would be a good 'seed'
>>to start a new community at Apache.
>>First, we are in *no* rush to get this done.  Thomas Mahler, the OJB lead,
>>is on vacation this week, and since this proposal is centered around OJB,
>>out of courtesy, I think we should wait for him to make sure that he's
>>comfortable with all that is going on.  He's new to our community, and he
>>might not want to object to anything if it looks like we 'already decided'.
>>Second, Peter had the great idea of waiting to announce this around the time
>>of a major trade events, as to piggy-back on the press and interest.  I had
>>the great idea of announcing this *between* major trade events, to avoid
>>getting lost in the press and interest in the trade event.  :)  We need to
>>sort this one out.
>>We currently have in mind 4 projects that will be designated as top-level
>>projects with which to start :
>>1) OJB - ObjectRelationalBridge, currently at sourceforge
>>2) Poolman - popular database connection pooling package, currently at
>>3) Torque - persistence layer from the Turbine project
>>4) commons - modeled after Jakarta commons w/ sandbox
>>Of course, Torque's developers and the Turbine community will need to make
>>the decision if they want to move.I think they already did that, but not
>>We also need to decide if Poolman should be there.  I think it should - it
>>has a huge user community.  Brief history : I am currently the 'keeper' of
>>poolman - it was turned over to me recently by Sean Neville, the author, as
>>professional and life commitments prevented him from adequately supporting
>>it.  It is currently LGPL, and has a developer base of 1, Sean.   He did
>>this to ensure freedom of action if he wanted to license the codebase in
>>another way - he didn't want to have to hunt down all the contributors.  I
>>have been in a holding pattern over the last month due to time constraints
>>and figuring out how to re-license the code.  I think bringing to 'db' would
>>be great - I have several other Jakarta committers ready and willing to
>>participate, so there will be the required developer base of 3, at least.  I
>>would offer this as a 'conditional' top-level project - if it doesn't really
>>get moving after 6 months, we drop it.
>>I think that it's really important that we keep the top level projects of
>>high quality and clear scope.  That's why the commons is there - to be both
>>the container for 'smaller' things (components and utilities) as well as an
>>incubator via its sandbox.
>>Additionally, there are several other project ideas floating around :
>>1) Xindice : from the xml.jakarta.org - I just extended an invitation for
>>the community to come join and discuss if they want to move over
>>2) SqlClass : http://www.quiotix.com/opensource/sqlclass/ - written by brian
>>goetz, this may not be top-level project status, but would be a great seed
>>for the commons.
>>3) Peter Donald has a laundry list of acquaintances and un-indicted
>>co-conspirators that he will contact.
>>I asked Dirk-Wilhelm van Gulik, an Apache board member, about the idea.  He
>>had some questions, which I answered.  Out of courtesy, I will get his
>>permission to repost to this list.  He feels very positively and has copied
>>the exchange to the board as an FYI - they will of course take no action
>>until we approach them, but this enables them to watch what we are doing
>>(hopefully), and provide advice or warnings.
>>Moving forward :
>>As first steps, while waiting to have more people join as they find out
>>about us (Xindice, for example and peter's contacts), as well as waiting for
>>Thomas to come back from holiday and engage in the discussion, I think we
>>should figure out what else we wish to invite to the project.  Doing this
>>will help us find the boundaries of our scope.  There are no language
>>restrictions (it doesn't have to be in Java, for example) nor are there
>>specific technology restrictions ("must be RDBMS").
>>I think we have a solid list of near-definite candidates (the 4 above), so
>>putting together  a list of possibilities will be great.
>>I am going to keep a document up-do-date with what we discuss and decide and
>>repost every few days, so lets start throwing the ideas out and discussing.
>>Geir Magnusson Jr.
>>Research & Development, Adeptra Inc.
>ray tayek http://home.attbi.com/~rtayek/ actively seeking telecommuting work
>vice chair orange county java users group http://www.ocjug.org/ 
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ray tayek http://home.attbi.com/~rtayek/ actively seeking telecommuting work
vice chair orange county java users group http://www.ocjug.org/ 
hate spam? http://samspade.org/ssw/

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