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From Ray Tayek <rta...@attbi.com>
Subject xml & db
Date Fri, 10 May 2002 06:29:53 GMT
hi, i am a newbie to databases, so feel free to flame if this is a little 

we just had a presentation by http://www.datadirect-technologies.com/ on 
jdbc 3.0, xml and their products at my jug. it seems to provide a layer of 
abstraction for some of the more popular commercial databases. afterwards, 
the consensus in the group seemed to be that rdbms's were not going to go 
away and that xml native db''s would be relegated to a vertical niche.

on another note, i was thinking that if one uses jaxb, you could map tables 
to objects (validated) almost for free. then you could solve the 
object/relational maping in java.

thoughts anyone?


ray tayek http://home.attbi.com/~rtayek/
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vice chair orange county java users group http://www.ocjug.org/ 
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