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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Hello
Date Thu, 09 May 2002 18:45:35 GMT
+1 for poolman.  We have many projects with overlap, etc.  I've used 
poolman.  Its 'aight.  Furthermore, I'd like to even see collaboration 
between the two.  Maybe at the end of they day they become one, or maybe 
they specialize in different areas.  Regardless +1 for poolman +1 for 


>You don't get it - Poolman has a huge user base.  Many companies (all I
>regularly consult for, and they were using it before I showed up), the DOD,
>etc, etc, etc.  If the mood is to just discard to start fresh with untested,
>unused code, that's fine - Poolman can stay where it is.  History has
>repeatedly shown the value and importance of mindshare and momentum.  Don't
>discard that for technical superiority, as that can be added over time.
>The point of bringing poolman is in support of one of the principles of the
>ASF - to ensure that open source projects can survive their initial
>developers.  In this case, the initial developer did the right thing in one
>way, and got hung by it - he kept the # of committers to 1 (himself) because
>of the LGPL and wanted the freedom.  That means we don't have to fight with
>anyone for clear title to the code, but have to boostrap the developers.
>That¹s the cost.
>That said, with Poolman you get a *huge* commercial user base.  That means
>that we can take advantage of the brand to incorporate good things created
>here at Jakarta.  However, whatever is done has to be managed carefully to
>keep things compatible and stable.

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