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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@apache.org>
Subject Re: test
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 13:09:31 GMT

>>Hm.  A db is a big thing.  That would be a *huge* undertaking, and there are
>>already some good ones out there.
>I agree, if I wanted what mysql, postgresql, firebird, or what have you
>already offer I would just contribute to one of those projects, all of
>which already have a thriving community. This is more of an opportunity
>to swallow some existing tools that would benefit from an apache style
>community and develop some new tools to fill gaps that are not addressed
>by other open source projects.
But through collaboration among them in a larger community they could be 
better.  furthermore the protential for widespread acceptance of an 
Apache db especially if it were named "db" are profound, not that it 
should be a goal but the means to an ends.  Such acceptance would draw a 
pretty large community.  But again, I feel it should be an OODB which is 
an area sorely in need of development.  It should be a grandeous 
undertaking, better if one exists, but if not...*shrug* --  Everyone and 
his brother makes a RDBMS

>On a more philosophical note, generally projects under the apache
>umbrella are more concerned with fostering community, collaboration, and
>development of quality software, and less concerned with 'going pee in
>M$ and Oracle's Sanka'. While that may eventually happen as a side
>effect it probably should not be a motivating factor.
True..  Thats my personal itch to scratch.  Which is all part of the 
process.  My motivation.  Find your own.  (such as correcting me -- a 
full-time profession ;-) )


>-- jt

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