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From Jim Menard <j...@io.com>
Subject Re: Hello
Date Thu, 09 May 2002 14:36:12 GMT
Geir Magnusson Jr. writes:

> Hey Jim!  I was thinking about you and this.  Glad you are lurking around.
> Do you have any stuff in Ruby?  We want to cement the multi-language idea...
> :)

Actually, there is an early version of DataVision written completely in
Ruby. There is no report design GUI; that's the main reason I switched to
Java. The Ruby version is still in production at 3Path (www.3Path.com); it
generates pretty PDF nightly reports that go out to all channel publishers
and the system admins.

> To all : I met Jim through one of my professional projects.  You'll learn
> he's a smart guy despite the fact he still uses a Newton.  I'm really
> serious - we were at a meeting and he pulled it out to take notes.

I've scraped up the cash to buy a new Pilot--my third. I'll try not to
crack the screen on this one.

> Jim : the Smithsonian called - they want it back...

That hurts! If you were closer, I'd hit you with my walker.

> > 
> > I just joined this group and have been lurking for a few days, trying to
> > figure out what the group is about. I'm the author of DataVision
> > (http://datavision.sourceforge.net), an Open Source project released under
> > the Apache license.
> > 
> This is exactly the kind of thing we had in mind for commons - small, to the
> point, and usable within some of the larger projects as dependencies.  I'll
> put it on 'the list' if you are interested.  I suspect that there is some
> interest since you mentioned it.


Jim Menard, jimm@io.com, http://www.io.com/~jimm/
"Never anthropomorphize computers. They hate that." -- Ricdude on slashdot

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