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From James Taylor <jtay...@4lane.com>
Subject Re: test
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 11:30:58 GMT
> > 1. An httpdish answer to databases --  it would be a bit boring
> > granted... but So far its MySQL, PostgreSQL or proprietary.  Seems there
> > may be more room here then one might thing.  BE interested to see some
> > Apache pee go in M$ and Oracle's Sanka.
> > 
> > 2. An httpdish answer to Object Oriented Databases - this would be the
> > more interesting thing
> > 
> Hm.  A db is a big thing.  That would be a *huge* undertaking, and there are
> already some good ones out there.

I agree, if I wanted what mysql, postgresql, firebird, or what have you
already offer I would just contribute to one of those projects, all of
which already have a thriving community. This is more of an opportunity
to swallow some existing tools that would benefit from an apache style
community and develop some new tools to fill gaps that are not addressed
by other open source projects.

On a more philosophical note, generally projects under the apache
umbrella are more concerned with fostering community, collaboration, and
development of quality software, and less concerned with 'going pee in
M$ and Oracle's Sanka'. While that may eventually happen as a side
effect it probably should not be a motivating factor.

-- jt

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