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From Paolo Forte <pfo...@productionspa.it>
Subject read from a Derby db with only "SEQ0" forlder and "service.properties" file
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2014 16:26:41 GMT

I'm Paolo Forte,sorry for my bad English;

I'm not a developer but there is an application software in my farm that use Derby Db;

The pc is crashed but I have a copy of "seq0" folder and "service.properties" file;

The db under application software is ok but for some settings it doesn't work sometime;

Is there any method to read from the db like sql, I tried with Razorsql but there is not driver
to work with it, it display a message that the verion NULL cannot upgrade to version 10.5;

Please, I cannot loose this db because there's 5 months of my collegue works on this db;

Very Thanks


Paolo Forte

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