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From Paul Linehan <lineh...@tcd.ie>
Subject Re: Biggest Apache Derby database(s).
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2014 16:49:26 GMT
Hi Rick,

>> I would like to know (with references/URLs preferably) what are the
>> kinds of sizes that large Derby installs stretch to? Would it go to 1TB?
>> More? Less?

> At Sun Microsystems

Straight from the horse's mouth no less! :)

> we ran a stress test on a Derby database which
> successfully grew to 500GB.

> I have no reason to believe that Derby wouldn't scale to 1TB as well.

I perhaps should have mentioned that I'm interested in both the
client-server and embedded - no difference? Though, at the moment,
0.5TB - 1TB would be the absolute max - and performance
would not be the major criterion.


> -Rick



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