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From "True||False" <261042...@qq.com>
Subject Retrieving constraint columns from system tables
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2013 06:33:14 GMT

I'm trying to retrieve the columns for constraints (PK, FK, unique, check) from system tables
and looking through the documentation I cannot see how I can get that information. SYS.SYSCONSTRAINTS
does not contain column information. I normally would expect something like SYS.CONSTRAINTCOLUMNS.
For example,I want to know which column belong to for the primary key. I find the tables in
sys schema then I can get all the primary key info. The SQL is:
select t.tablename, conglomeratename backIdxName, cst.constraintname, cst.type from sys.systables
  t, sys.sysconstraints   cst, sys.sysconglomerates cgl, sys.syskeys          sk where isindex
= 'TRUE' and cgl.tableid = t.tableid and (sk.constraintid = cst.constraintid and cst.type
= 'P' and sk.conglomerateid = cgl.conglomerateid) and t.tableid = cst.tableid and t.tabletype
= 'T' 
All the primary key is query out, but I wanna know which column belong to for the primary
key. There's no column info in sys.sysconstraints..

I must be missing something obvious here. The same is true for indexes. I cannot find any
information regarding them either in the system tables. Is there any other way to retrieve
the information? java.sql.DatabaseMetadata only does part of the job.

Thanks in advance,
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