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From "Jasmeet Bhatia (jasmbhat)" <jasmb...@cisco.com>
Subject Derby Lock Escalation: Deadlocks
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2013 21:13:09 GMT
I am troubleshooting a derby deadlock and need help. (setup - -Derby 10.7.1 + in-memory DB
 + Hibernate 3.6.9 + spring 3.0.3)

Inside a transaction, I execute delete on a specific instance of an entity that has a 1-*
relationship with another entity. This results in an update SQL that tries to break that relationship.
So basically, something like this…

Update A.col1=null, A.col2=null from A where A.col3 = ?

Even, though col3 has a non-unique index on it, this results in an escalated table lock (verified
it by querying the SYSCS_DIAG.LOCK_TABLE). Why a table lock? I verified this behavior on an
oracle system and it just creates a row lock. I tried tuning different parameters such as
the "derby.locks.escalationThreshold", but it did not help. Further down the logic, I have
to start a new nested transaction (for complicated reasons….I will leave out the details)
that tries to read a different entity from the same table and it gets blocked.

We have also tried upgrading to the latest 10.8 version as well as switched from in-memory
to file based DB but it didn't help.

Any insight is appreciated…
Jasmeet Bhatia

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