From my experiments, checking connection does not work
as server is closing socket _before_ shutting down databases.
And it appears that shutting down a DB can require quite a long time
(I observed once 35 seconds, with a ~30MB DB).
So I had to wait for db files locks disappearance in a polling loop.
See old thread (not meaningful) :

This kind of problematic should be managed by derby server itself
rather than by client (relying on a Derby internal feature).


Le 25/07/2013 17:51, Katherine Marsden a écrit :
On 7/25/2013 6:45 AM, Rong Qu wrote:
We use "NetworkServerControl shutdown" to stop derby network server. We noticed sometimes, the server was not stopped immediately. wondering if there is a simple way to verify the server was completely stopped. e.g. some DB lock file.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi Rong,

You can use NetworkServerControl.ping to see if the server is still up.