Hi ,
I am trying to connect to a JavaDB Database  on Classpath , I tried various things as given in the doc, but I feel the behaviour is very inconsistent or may be I am doing some silly mistake.

In a Command prompt
> cd D:\DerbyDemo
ij version 10.8
//created a sample database jdb_classpath
ij>connect 'jdbc:derby:jdb_classpath;create=true;';
//created a sample Table
ij>create table mytable(id numeric);
//Disconnected from the jdb_classpath database

I have then Set the Classpath to include D:\DerbyDemo ;
Opened a new command prompt
 tried connecting to the jdb_classpath using the following syntax
ij>connect 'jdbc:derby:/jdb_classpath';

ERROR XJ004: Database '/jdb_classpath' not found.

As per the Doc  as in example, this should have worked

connect 'jdbc:derby:classpath:jdb_classpath';
Connection successful. there is no other database with the same name in the classpath .
Do I have to use the classpath  subprotocol always?

Many Thanks in Advance,