I need to be able to perform a select statement where the qualifications is a list of tuples.
For example, assume I have a table:
id (number, primary key)
auth (varchar)
identifier (varchar)
The combination of auth and identifier is unique.
I need to be able to query for a list of auth/identifier combinations.
In oracle I can do the following:
select * from table where (auth, identifier) in ((?,?),(?,?)...)
In some other databases I can do something similar, but using the values keyword:
select * from table where (auth, identifier) in (values(?,?),(?,?)...)
There are at least some[1] who consider this valid sql-92 syntax.
Both of these fail in derby (with a syntax error). As best I can tell, in derby I would have to do something like:
select * from table
(auth = ? and identifier = ?)
(auth = ? and identifier = ?)
(auth = ? and identifier = ?)
[1] - http://stackoverflow.com/a/8011075/1167722
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