I am working on database migration project, where i have a requirement to create a stored procedure taking around 80 parameters. As i could see Derby stored procedure has to implement in java code, I am thinking taking these many parameters for a method is not a good sign. I searched for alternative i found that we can create User Defined Types in derby, so i created a bean class for my parameters and i am trying to pass this bean class a input parameter to my stored procedure.
As part of this i created a Type in Derby & Stored Procedure then i uploaded the bean class and SP java implementation into derby classpath.
Still here no problem, the problem is when i am trying to call my StoreProc with Callable Statement i am getting ClassNotFoundException for my bean class in derby.log file.
But in single jar file i uploaded both bean class and SP implementaion. Pojo class is implementing the Serializable interface.
Please help to solve this problem or provide another way of implementation for my problem.