On 11/6/2012 7:32 AM, Sperry, Maurice wrote:

To whom it may concern:


I recently installed Apache Derby, and have gone through the tutorial exercise of connecting, creating a database, creating tables with the DDLs provided, inserting data into the tables, etc.; as well as reviewing the documentation.  The documentation seems very well written; however, I do find explicit documentation on DDL syntax.  Where would I find that?  Thanks.


Hello Maurice,

Thank you for using Derby and thank you for reading the manuals!
The place the DDL syntax is documented is in the reference manual.
Look in the Statements section, most relevant are the CREATE statements. I imagine but the SQL syntax supported by Derby is in that manual.

As you read the manuals, if you encounter anything that is out of date or  incorrect, please let us know here on Derby User or file a Jira issue.