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From John English <john.fore...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: 40XD0: "Container has been closed"?
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2012 09:34:34 GMT
On 03/11/2012 21:06, Katherine Marsden wrote:
> This has the feel of two threads using the same Connection and one
> commits or rolls back without coordination with the other. Typically
> each thread should have it's own connection.  Do you have a separate
> connection for each thread and if so, what is the isolation level?

No, each thread has its own connection. The situation is that tests can 
be run synchronously from a servlet, so a request comes in, a DB 
connection is created, the connection is used to do "select * from tests 
where id=?", and the results go back immediately in the response and the 
DB connection is then closed. Alternatively, tests can be scheduled to 
run asynchronously, and there is a thread created at system startup with 
its own connection which loops waiting for notifications that a test has 
completed and then issues exactly the same query.

In the synchronous case it always works; in the asynchronous case it 
always fails. I've tried creating a new connection each time round the 
loop in the asynchronous case, but it makes no difference. Also if it 
were a thread contention issue I'd expect to see some timing-dependent 
behaviour, not total consistency.

The rest of the row can always be read (ints and varchars and suchlike), 
but the clob always fails. I've tried reading the clob first; same 
thing. The isolation level is default, but in any case it happens even 
when nothing else is going on; I start an asynchronous test on my 
development rig with no other users, and then sit back and wait. It 
consistently hits the breakpoint I've set on the exception handler. This 
also points to it not being a thread contention problem.

One final thing: my "fix" (where I read the rest of the row in one query 
and the clob in another) uses the same connection for both queries.

So I'm totally baffled. Happy to have found a workaround but very 
annoyed that I don't understand why it works.

Thanks for your help,
John English

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