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Using Derby 10.5, and running in network server mode, we have encountered an issue where the lock_table contained locks, yet these locks are not being deleted; Even after the system sat idle overnight, the locks entries persisted in the lock_table the next morning, and caused the system to function improperly. We are using the default values for lock and deadlock timeouts. Our application is using JPA and Optimistic Locking. What would cause the locks to NOT be cleared and/or released (even after a lengthy timeout period)? 

Hi Mark,

Likely there are transactions that have not been committed or rolled back that are holding these locks.
The lock timeout  is a setting that will determine how long a new transaction will wait for existing  locks to be released before  the new transaction times  out  itself. It does not affect how long the original transaction will hold the locks which will be until the transaction is committed or rolled back.

One thing to do is to make sure that all transactions are committed and rolled back, especially in exception
circumstances.  A frequent case I have seen when transactions and connections are left open is that transactions are not rolled back before attempting to close a connection. Then the exception that is thrown on close  is caught and ignored.   A global approach to this particular issue might be to replace Connection.close() calls with a method that always rolls back before closing the connection.



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