On 02.10.2012 17:59, Tomcat Programmer wrote:
I was able to backup my derby database successfully using the previous version  and the following command, running from ij:

ij> CALL SYSCS_UTIL.SYSCS_BACKUP_DATABASE('/usr/local/derby10/backups');

After upgrading to the same exact command fails with the following error: 

ERROR 38000: The exception 'java.security.AccessControlException: Access denied (java.io.FilePermission /usr/local/derby10/backups/PRAT write)' was thrown while evaluating an expression. ERROR XJ001: Java exception: 'Access denied (java.io.FilePermission /usr/local/derby10/backups/PRAT write): java.security.AccessControlException'.

It may also help if you post the stack trace relevant to Derby (i.e. you don't need to include anything from your own code).


I am using the exact same copy of the java JRE, no changes.  After upgrading the derby version, the update process was run on the database and did not return any errors. No changes have been made to the filesystem.  The directory "/usr/local/derby10/" as well as all of its child directories are owned by the same user id, which is used to run the database and do the backup. The file permissions are setup so this user id has full control of all files and directories.  The operating system is 32-bit linux. 

What has changed in this release which is causing this problem?   How do I fix it?