Greetings all-

I'm a new Derby user and am trying to recover a derby database from a server that died that was set up by a co-worker who passed away as well. I have the entire database set up on a new Fedora 17 server which contains the file and the log, tmp, and seg0 directories and Derby is installed and configured properly with DERBY_HOME and JAVA_HOME. 

I have read through some of the documentation on getting started but seem to be missing something basic. How do I start Derby from the terminal and point it to my database folder? I tried the below method but it didn't work. How is the derby.system.home parameter entered while starting the database?

[smartplant@SmartPlantWeb WEB-INF]$ startNetworkServer -derby.system.home=/
Wed Aug 01 13:38:03 EDT 2012 : Argument -derby.system.home=/greenWorldDB is unknown.

Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you,