Derby Users and Developers,


I have an application that has used Derby (with the Network Server) for years, and overall I have been extremely pleased.  However, I ran into a problem when trying to upgrade to


I have three computing environments that I work in, which can be thought of a development, test, and production.  For reasons not worth the trouble of explaining, these three environments are slightly different, but until the latest release of Derby I could make them appear to be very similar by the use of the Windows “subst” command, which associates a path with a drive letter.  For example, the command “subst K: C:\SomeDir” makes the system appear to have a “K” drive, which in reality is simply mapped to the directory SomeDir on the C drive.  All previous versions of Derby handled databases on this substituted K drive without any problems, but version breaks on it.  I was able to get around this problem by setting up a virtual drive using a different approach, so now I have been able to upgrade Derby, but I wanted to point out the problem is case others have encountered it.


John Moore