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From Trejkaz <trej...@trypticon.org>
Subject Stall during NetworkServerControl.getRuntimeInfo()
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2012 01:20:40 GMT
Hi all.

We have one particular user reporting an issue where getRuntimeInfo()
stalls while trying to read the data back from the server:

"SwingWorker-pool-1-thread-3" Id=48 RUNNABLE
	at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.isConnectionReset(PlainSocketImpl.java:623)
	-  locked java.lang.Object@48183ac5
	at java.net.SocketInputStream.read(SocketInputStream.java:112)
	at org.apache.derby.impl.drda.NetworkServerControlImpl.ensureDataInBuffer(NetworkServerControlImpl.java:2853)
	at org.apache.derby.impl.drda.NetworkServerControlImpl.readLDString(NetworkServerControlImpl.java:2962)
	at org.apache.derby.impl.drda.NetworkServerControlImpl.readStringReply(NetworkServerControlImpl.java:2943)
	at org.apache.derby.impl.drda.NetworkServerControlImpl.runtimeInfo(NetworkServerControlImpl.java:1385)
	at org.apache.derby.drda.NetworkServerControl.getRuntimeInfo(NetworkServerControl.java:482)

The same server is doing it fairly reproducibly (if getRuntimeInfo()
is called often enough, it eventually will stall, but it might take a
few tries each time) but it doesn't happen at all for anyone else.

(1) What could cause this sort of thing?

(2) Why does Derby go out of its way to use a network connection for
this when the network server itself is embedded? That seems to just
add an unnecessary point of failure.


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