May be you should have read the doc before...
DOUBLE is 8 bytes and REAL is 4 bytes.

FLOAT depends of the precision you specified. Did you set a precision ?

<<The FLOAT data type is an alias for a REAL or DOUBLE PRECISION data type,
depending on the precision you specify.
The default precision for FLOAT is 53 and is equivalent to DOUBLE PRECISION. A
precision of 23 or less makes FLOAT equivalent to REAL. A precision of 24 or greater
makes FLOAT equivalent to DOUBLE PRECISION. If you specify a precision of 0, you
get an error. If you specify a negative precision, you get a syntax error.>>

2011/10/25 anthonyri <anthony.rich@inbox.com>


I changed all my doubles to float expecting a smaller database, but the size
was identical.

I thought doubles were 8 bytes and floats only 4 bytes. I have over a
million records in the database, with several doubles per record. I created
a completely new database, identical in every respect, except all doubles
were changed to floats and reimported the data.

Can anyone explain why the database size was exactly the same?


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