Derby only allows one instance *of the database software* (RDBMS) to open the files in a directory at a time.†According to the error you received, there already is an instance of the RDBMS open on†c:/Program
Files/IBM/Director/database (probably started by an embedded connection in IBM Director).

Even if you use Derby Network Server, you will still be limited to one instance *of the database software*, however this instance will accept connections from any number of *clients*.

I think what you want to do is stop IBM Director, then start Derby Network Server upon that directory, then configure IBM Director to use a client connection instead of an embedded connection. That way, both Director and other clients (such as razorSQL) will be able to connect, read and write data to the database.

- Josť

On Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 12:02 PM, johny_quest <> wrote:

Hello guys,
I have the following situation, that I have tried to solve for a couple of
week but I can't seem to get it working.
Here is the deal.

I have a derby database that is running in embedded mode as a part of an
application (IBM Director software runs Apache Derby database by default).

What I have to do, is to connect another type of software to that database
using ODBC connector.

First I read about the fact, that only one connection is possibla at a time.
I tried to connect to the database with razorSQL just to see if I can
connect, but the error is:

-1, SQLSTATE: XJ040, SQLERRMC: Failed to start database 'c:/Program
Files/IBM/Director/database' with class loader
see the next exception
for details.::SQLSTATE: XSDB6Another instance of Derby may
have already booted the database C:\Program Files\IBM\Director\database.

After that I installed a new apache derby and set it in network mode. I had
to change the port to 1528 because obviously the other instance is listening
on 1527. Using the new setting I managed to connect to the server, create
database and tables etc. - it is working, but I still cannot connect to the
needed database. The error is the same.

Please, can someone suggest a solution for this problem.
I will be very grateful.

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