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From Trejkaz <trej...@trypticon.org>
Subject Re: Derby client fails to connect to server every time after updating to
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2011 06:34:33 GMT
On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 4:18 PM, Kristian Waagan
<kristian.waagan@oracle.com> wrote:
> On 02.09.11 07:40, Trejkaz wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> We have tests (and apps, naturally) which start up the network server
>> and then test that connecting to it works.  One test runs our wrapping
>> around the server and uses bare JDBC code to verify that it's
>> connectable.  The other test runs our wrapping around the client and
>> uses bare NetworkServerControl calls to start the server.  Both of
>> these tests fail after updating from ->
> Hi,
> The code below works for me with I also added code to select from
> a system table - just to get some output.
> I don't have to set the user either (I think a default will be used).
> So why is it working for me, but not for you:
>  o which Derby jars are you running off?

I figured it out, and it was related to this.

We have some minor changes in our vendor copy of Derby, so we build
our own jars.  The changes themselves are nowhere near the
client-server area, *but*

Derby's build.xml seems to have this new thing which runs svnrevision
and puts the result into the source code.  In the best case, it would
show our revision number.  In the worst case, someone might have
vendored it to a git repository instead, and then I have no idea what
it would display.

Anyway, what it actually displays for us is this:

Fri Sep 02 15:21:40 EST 2011 : Apache Derby Network Server -
- (cygwin warning:  MS-DOS style path detected:
C:\Data\Projects\trunk\vendor\derby\build\work/.svn/entries  Preferred
POSIXexported equivalent is:
CYGWIN environment variable option "nodosfilewarning" turns off this
warning.  Consult the user's guide for more details about POSIX paths:
   http://cygwin.com/cygwin-ug-net/using.html#using-pathnames) started
and ready to accept connections on port 27000

I hacked the build so that it doesn't run svnversion and instead just
puts in 0... I hope that won't break anything else, but tests pass at


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