Thank you, Knut, for your prompt response.
However, such asymmetry (java.lang.Short->SMALLINT->java.lang.Integer) is causing trouble in my code and will require inefficient type checking to override such behavior.

From: Knut Anders Hatlen <>
To: "Derby Discussion" <>
Date: 07/26/2011 04:13 PM
Subject: Re: ResultSet.getObject(int) for SMALLINT returns Integer, not Short

Pavel Bortnovskiy <> writes:

> Hello:
> Can you please tell me whether this behavior expected or is it a bug?
> 1. a table with SMALLINT is created:
> 2. values are inserted and Java Short datatype is used to set SMALLINT
> values
> 3. values in the table are read with a PreparedStatement "select *
> from Test_Table" and then read with:
> while ( {
>         final Object object = resultSet.getObject(columnIdx);
> }
> 4. at which point, resultSet.getMetaData().getColumnType(columnIdx) ==
> SMALLINT, but object.getClass() is java.lang.Integer, whereas I would
> be expecting java.lang.Short.

Hi Pavel,

java.lang.Integer is the correct type for SMALLINT. See table B-3
(Mapping from JDBC Types to Java Object Types) in the JDBC 4.0

There's a note in the specification saying that this mapping is for
compatibility with JDBC 1.0, which was finalized before java.lang.Byte
and java.lang.Short were added to the Java language.

Knut Anders

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