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From "Bergquist, Brett" <BBergqu...@canoga.com>
Subject Question on automatic statistics feature in
Date Mon, 23 May 2011 23:15:20 GMT
I have been testing with the new automatic statistics feature in and turned on the
logging and see it being triggered as I make changes to my database.  So this appears to be
working.  What I am surprised at however, is that I have tables in my database that have out
of date statistics (none) as reported by this query:

select schemaname,
tablename || ' (' || CONGLOMERATENAME || ')' as "Table (Index)",
   creationtimestamp AS varchar(24)
IS NULL THEN 'Recreate Index to Initialize' ELSE CAST
   creationtimestamp AS varchar(24)
from sys.systables t
join sys.sysconglomerates c on t.tableid = c.tableid
LEFT OUTER JOIN sys.sysstatistics s ON c.conglomerateid = s.referenceid
where t.tableid = c.tableid
and c.isindex = true
and t.tabletype = 'T';

The tables start empty but with indexes and then data gets added later.  I thought that probably
the new automatic statistics feature would be triggered on a query of these tables but it
does not seem to be.  If the table already has statistics they seem to be updated.   I could
be wrong however and maybe my query is not sufficient to trigger statistics update but I did
do a query for a specific value of primary key and saw nothing in derby.log.

So do I still need to prime these statistics myself with a call to "syscs_util.update_statistics"?

Thanks for any information.


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