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default auto commit is set true. if its turned off, need to commit explicitly.


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I have updated derby but still the same. Issue DERBY-3806 covers problem when ResultSet was not closed, however I am closing ResultSet, prepared statement and then connections. What I am not doing is commit either rollback calls - jsut because I am executing SELECT statement. Do I need to call "commit" or "rollback" in any case before "close", even if I am using SELECT statement and I am closing opened ResultSet and prepared statement?


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refer this issue for more details

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   Hello All,

           I am using Embedded Derby and whenever I attempt to close connection I got "Cannot close a connection while a
   transaction is still active." error.
           I am using Derby 10.5.3. I found that in Derby in release notes there is a note about DERBY-3319, which
   states that "Users must call commit() or rollback(), or use auto-commit, before attempting to close a connection with
   uncommitted operations." But I am executing just "select" statement, do I still need to call rollback or commit?

   P;ease, advice,