Hello, Witold:

thanks for your response. It might be the same issue and I will try to follow the same suggestions that Bryan gave you.

FYI: I am using Derby

If any of the Derby folks can shed some additional light onto this, it would be greatly appreciated,


From: Witold Szczerba <pljosh.mail@gmail.com>
To: Derby Discussion <derby-user@db.apache.org>
Date: 01/05/2011 01:37 PM
Subject: Re: Left-Join extremely slow in comparison to Inner-Join. How to tune Derby?

Hi there,
Look at this:
Do you think it might be the same case I had some time ago?
There were some changes in the code in Jun/2010, maybe you have older
version or the change did not resolved the problem...

The funny thing is that the Apache Derby guys changed the issue type
from bug to improvement - so, for them, a query which should last 2 or
3 seconds is executing like 1 hour, fetching entire database, is just
a 'feature' :/

Witold Szczerba

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