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From SUPER DAVE <superdavepct...@msn.com>
Subject Ready to GIVE UP ON DERBY and Eclipse!!
Date Sat, 08 Jan 2011 22:10:05 GMT
I am a BRAND NEW programmer.  Even newer to JAVA.  I have done mosty .NET
things.  But I really want to learn JAVA more!!  However I have wasted two
days now, and this seems to be a pattern in the open source world.

I am getting sick and tired of following directions and then spending days
and weeks trying to figure out why the directions did not work?  Did I not
follow them??  Did the person giving the directions leave out steps??  Maybe
they assumed the missing steps would be known by the user?


I SIMPLY WANT TO SET UP Eclipse and Derby on my PC and start learning.  All
I do with my time is try to figure out why the directions to set this combo
up always fail.


Here is what I am trying to do:


1.       I downloaded Eclipse JEE

2.       Then I downloaded the plugin things for Derby.

Unzip the core plugin files into the Eclipse home directory. The location
where you installed Eclipse is referred to as ECLIPSE_HOME. For instance,
this might be /eclipse in a Linux or Unix environment or C:/eclipse on
Windows. Unzip the files to the ECLIPSE_HOME directory. Copy the entire
directory from the ui and help file plugin projects into the plugins
directory. For instance you should have a a folder called
org.apache.derby.ui_1.1.1 and org.apache.derby.plugin.doc_1.1.1 after
downloading and creating the plug-in project in Eclipse. Three new
subdirectories should now exist under the ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins directory: 

*	org.apache.derby.core_10.3.1
*	org.apache.derby.ui_1.1.1
*	org.apache.derby.plugin.doc_1.1.1



*	My first problem is this:  "I do not have a
org.apache.derby.core_10.3.1  folder!!!!!!   I did this on two PC's and got
the same result!  What am I doing wrong????  Why do I not have the
org.apache.derby.core_10.3.1 folder????  I cannot continue with other steps
without manipulating files in that folder.  Please help me.





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