Sometime ago I wrote about my success history using Derby. Collabnet said that was impossible writing a Subversion cache using a relational database because performance issues, but I achieved it and today mine is the fastest Subversion cache around the World including TortoiseSVN.

I deployed it on a public server, so I could be helpful for you. Perhaps you are developing on Linux or Mac and you need to see Subversion revision graphs in order to get a clear vision about something in your project. If this is your case then try this revision graph:

First time, it could take a while to load. Next times the application will be loaded from your browser cache very fast.
Apache's repository is public, so you do not need to type your credentials. Simple, click on the "OK" button to login.

After the graph is loaded click on the "Tortoise" button. It will display Jira issues on the graph. It will very useful for you in a lot of cases.

Drag the graph with your mouse and zoom in/out it while dragging it and the left Ctrl key is pressed.

You can view any revision graph by changing the "path" parameter in the above url.

And graphs are built using Derby!

To explore Derby's repository click on the below link:

I wish it be useful for you!

Thanks a lot.