hi everyone:
     I got a problem when I use derby to store my data. This is my situation:
     I have an application which will insert items into a derby database table , and the derby is running in a standalone mode. below is my derby running 'ps aux' description:

mapred   26259  0.4  0.3 3395928 252980 ?    Sl   Sep25  24:26 /home/mapred/hadoop-v2/hadoop/bin/../../java6/bin/java -Xmx3000m -classpath /home/mapred/hadoop-v2/hadoop/bin/../derby/lib/derby.jar:/home/mapred/hadoop-v2/hadoop/bin/../derby/lib/derbynet.jar:/home/mapred/hadoop-v2/hadoop/bin/../derby/lib/derbytools.jar:/home/mapred/hadoop-v2/hadoop/bin/../derby/lib/derbyclient.jar org.apache.derby.drda.NetworkServerControl start -h localhost -p 1527

     My problem is: after the derby running for some days, it got no response when the application intend to insert the db table, and I use ij to connect the derby still fail. The java process still running and derby can not response normally.I didn't do any special configuration for derby. Just start it using: $DERBY_HOME/bin/startNetworkServer -h localhost -p 1527.
     What can I do to fix this? Any suggestion will be helped.