Hi All,

I am using Derby  and am calling ij from my java application to create a database schema on the fly.

The database contains a jar file and the error reported concerns this jar file.

The .sql file read by ij contains this command:

CALL SQLJ.INSTALL_JAR('file:DERBYROUTINES.jar.G1286008959877', '"schemaname"."DERBYROUTINES"', 0);

ij doesn't throw any error while executing this line and shows the output as:
"0 rows inserted/updated/deleted". As a result of executing the line a jar file named DERBYROUTINES.jar.G1286010997266 is added under the folder dbname\jar\schemaname\.

The problem occurs when ij is executing a DDL statement for creating a trigger that calls the function defined in the jar file. It then reports the error:

"ERROR 42X51: The class 'accountant.DerbyMethods' does not exist or is inaccessible. This can happen if the class is not public.
ERROR XJ001: Java exception: 'accountant.DerbyMethods: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException'."

I am perplexed when the jar has been added to the database, why it is still not able to recognize the class defined in the jar file?

Please suggest some solution for the problem.