It has been a week since I posted this query, but it hasn't elicited any response. May I know why?

Is this query too simplistic to be dismissed with contempt? Or is it too advanced even for some of the highly competent list members? Or is it just plain indifference that no one bothered to reply?

Let me know so I can phrase my future queries accordingly.


--- On Fri, 27/8/10, Dinesh Bajaj <> wrote:

From: Dinesh Bajaj <>
Subject: Returning a UDT from a function
To: "Derby Mailing List" <>
Date: Friday, 27 August, 2010, 2:44 PM


I am trying to write a function in Derby that returns a UDT that is registered with the database.

When creating an instance of the Java class that represents the UDT in the jar file that is attached to the database, I get the IllegalAccessError. The class that is creating the instance, and the UDT class are defined in the same package. Both class are declared to be public. So, I am baffled and don't know what I am doing wrong.

I would really appreciate if some one could point me to some sample code illustrating the use of UDTs in Java code.

Thanks in advance,