Thanks, Knut!   It may be fine to stick with the defaults - I am contemplating whether this is all that relevant for our customers, versus just something that our QA team found working with smaller data sets...

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 7:32 AM, Knut Anders Hatlen <> wrote:
David Van Couvering <> writes:

> Can you configure checkpoint frequency, or the maximum size of the
> log?

Yes, but it's not documented. These properties may be useful: - how often to switch to a new log file
(number of bytes, default 1MB, min 100000 bytes, max 128 MB). - attempt a checkpoint when this amount
of log in bytes is reached (default 10MB, max 128MB, min 100000 bytes).

Knut Anders

David W. Van Couvering