On 09.08.10 23:55, David Van Couvering wrote:
I am getting these intermittent errors that I can't reproduce on my machine:

Database 'C:\VontuDev\main\dist\scan\incremental_index/MONITOR/INCREMENTAL_INFO' not found

I read the docs, and there is no discussion about whether a mixed "\" "/" path is a problem on some systems.  Could it be?  Do I need to normalize the path to all forward slashes?

Hi David,

I guess there can be problems related to mixing different path separators, but testing on OpenSolaris does suggest that the monitor and the in-memory back end are capable of handling it:

java -Dderby.system.home="C:\VontuDev\main\dist\scan\incremental_index" -cp classes org.apache.derby.tools.ij
ij version 10.7
ij> connect 'jdbc:derby:memory:MONITOR/INCREMENTAL_INFO;create=true';

Then, from derby.log:

However, trying this with an on-disk database fails. My guess is because I'm on UNIX, and then the colon from c:\ shows up in a place it's not supposed to be.
In general, I think your mileage depends on what java.io.File is capable of, but there might be problems in the explicit path handling within Derby.

Do you get an assert failure if you run with a sane build when you try to boot the database?


What can cause this error to happen?  I checked, and the directory is there on the system.



David W. Van Couvering