On 01.06.2010 10:42, Marco Ferretti wrote:
During some "edge" testing of my application I came across a strange behavior using an embedded derby driver on windows: if, once the database is started, the machine is given a different ip address ( eg : the network is no longer available or the ISP dynamically assigns you a different one ) the database is not reachable anymore.
Is this an expected behavior ? If so, what is the best practice to avoid this problem ?

Hi Marco,

I've never heard about this, but it shouldn't be too hard to test.
What do you mean by unreachable?
Are you doing something like this?
 - connect to the database
 - unplug network cable
 - obtaining another connection in the same JVM fails


Connection specs : 
driver : org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver
url : jdbc:derby:/DERBYDB/database/codecs2;create=false
Bundle-Version: 10.5.3000000.802917



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