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From Morten Mikkelsen <mortenbr...@gmail.com>
Subject Weird freezing issue with application launched from eclipse - in debug mode only
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2010 07:07:53 GMT
I am running an application on Windows with an eclipse launcher, using
a derby-, that inconsistently freezes during startup
when launched in debug-mode.
When it freezes, the last line in the application log is an ordinary
"SELECT ID, TIMESTAMP, <blahblah> FROM <blahblah>"
A corresponding entry is _not_ found in the derby.log logfile. Only
the next-to-last statement is found there.

It never freezes when 'run' from eclipse. only when started in 'debug'-mode.
When frozen, eclipse's debug-view shows all threads in the application
as "<not responding>", so I am not getting closer to an explanation
that way.
I tried running with a VM argument
"-Xdump:heap:events=user,file=C:\\client-heapdump.phd" and used a
utility called sendsignal.exe to send a ctrl+break to the process, but
that just prints a line on stderr saying
'JVMDUMP006I Processing dump event "user", detail "" - please wait.'

Sometimes it helps if I restart Windows and try again. It doesn't help
to delete the database files and let them be re-created from scratch,
so it doesn't seem to be related to database corruption or the like.
The problem only shows when running with derby - with oracle as back
end, I've never seen it, so I'm guessing it's derby-related...

Did any of you experience something similar?
Does anyone have any idea how to get any closer to an explanation of
this issue? Or some way to work around the symptom?


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