Hello... This is my first e-mail, and i hope i can help and be helped...

At this moment, i need help. My problem is tah a can't connect my application to a database, using Derby Network Server. Let me explain better:

I have 2 machines in my LAN, using the following IPs: ( - Server and ( Client. I'm trying to conect the client to the server, but  i keep getting the following message: "Connection refuse: connect"

On the server, i've installed Derby Network Server, configured it properly and started successfully. Then copied my Derby database to DERBY_HOME\bin. OBS: Using the ij, i can connect to the database using the localhost address, but when i try to use de server IP, i get "Connection refuse: connect".

On the client, when i try to create a connection, via NETBEANS 6.8, using the following URL: "jdbc:derby://", i get, again the error "Connection refuse: connect"

Thats the problem: i simply can't connect mai client to the server... i can't create a connection via NETBEANS to my server... I don't know what to do anymore, and i hope you guys "show me the light"



Fabrício Pedroso Jorge.

Programador de Sistemas Júnior - SEFA-PA
Bacharel em Ciência da Computação - CESUPA

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