On 22-05-10 18:06, Knut Anders Hatlen wrote:
On 05/22/10 05:34 PM, Stephan van Loendersloot wrote:
Hi Knut Anders,

Thanks for the confirmation.

I logged this as issue https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-4673

Would you like me to look into it, or will you take care of this, since it seems you created the XPLAIN functionality?

Thanks Stephan,

Feel free to pick up the bug. Contributions are always welcome! :) I've added you to the derby-developers group in JIRA so that you can assign the issue to yourself.

I'm afraid I cannot take any credit for the XPLAIN functionality, though. The initial implementation was contributed by Felix Beyer, and Bryan Pendleton further enhanced it and did the final integration.

Thanks Knut Anders & Bryan,

I'm terribly sorry about the wrong credits. Should've aligned my memory with the facts before making such 'wild' accusations ;-)

I've been through the Derby-newcomer process a while ago, but I'll make sure to brush up on that, given the above.

Now might be be a good time to finally send that signed ICLA I've got lying around here somewhere  ;-)