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From Rami Ojares <rami.oja...@pdf-comics.com>
Subject Re: performance: Derby vs H2
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 19:44:10 GMT
I think the best authority on this is Thomas Mueller (father of h2) who 
has actually done some performance comparisons between databases.
I remember reading some debate about this on some discussion groups a 
year or two ago.
If you want peer reviewed scientific knowledge then you probably should 
run those tests yourself.

I have seen sometimes Sun employees referring on this list to some sort 
of benchmarks for derby.
But I have not found anything public from google.

I think the countless benchmarks published by different database 
companies have proven that
performance is such a complex issue that any type of result can be 
However when done well and extensively they can give some overall 

Because H2 has only one developer the code is a bit more straightforward 
and simpler than Derby that has a rich and long history as a codebase.
Therefore I think that H2 is a tad cleaner and faster than Derby in 
basic operation.
Both databases have queries that are very slow.
One could call them bugs.

- rami

On 22.4.2010 19:47, Rayson Ho wrote:
> Is it really true that H2 is faster than Derby??
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apache_Derby
> A year ago, I tried to remove the section that says that H2 is faster,
> but someone always added it back into the article. And besides me,
> seems like no one really care about the "Comparison to other embedded
> SQL Java databases" section.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Apache_Derby#Benchmarks
> Is it a well-known fact that H2 is always faster??
> And there is also H2's benchmark page:
> http://www.h2database.com/html/performance.html
> Is it a fair comparsion??
> Rayson

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