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From Gabriele Kahlout <gabri...@mysimpatico.com>
Subject Getting an attribute (the rid) of the affected tuples in an update
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2010 13:58:19 GMT

In my code, I often need to add a tuple  to another relation, so that
I update another in another relation. Examine this code:

private static int rescheduleObject(final String[] expDef, int batch,
final Statement st, ResultSet rs) throws SQLException, Exception {
		final int objectId = rs.getInt(SqlWrapper.index); //assume rs has
already been nexted.
			rescheduleObject(st, batch, objectId);
		} catch(SQLException e){ //batch is full
			final int res = st.executeUpdate(SqlWrapper.insert(batTable));
			assert(res == 1);
			batch = getMaxBatch(st);
			rescheduleObject(st, batch, objectId);
		return objectId;

	private static void rescheduleObject(final Statement st, int batch,
final int objectId) throws SQLException {
		final int res = st.executeUpdate(SqlWrapper.update(objTable,
batColumn, batch, objTable.getIdColumn(), objectId));
		assert(res == 1);

I'm not happy having to use batch = getMaxBatch(st), but would like to
get exactly the batch (primary key of batTable) inserted in the 2
lines above it. Are there ways to get it?

K. Gabriele

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