Thank you for your response, Bryan.

When such situation arises, I will generate a thread-dump to verify. I don't have it yet at this moment.

My thinking is in-line with yours - Derby Network server control should run its own thread, but I don't see anything in the API which would allow me to do so.
(unless I download the source code and try to debug it).

So, would there be anyone on this forum who could help out please?
If you had any experience running Network Server Control in your application, can you please elaborate on how the threading was implemented,
so that the NSC is independent of all other threads and their states?


Bryan Pendleton <>

02/05/2010 12:07 PM
Please respond to
"Derby Discussion" <>

Derby Discussion <>
Re: Using NetworkServerControl to access in-memory (only) tables of Embedded Derby

> DerbyServer thread seems to still be running, yet the server is
> unresponsive.

In addition to your own DerbyServer thread, which I don't think
actually *needs* to still be running, there should be a separate
thread which is started by the Derby network server code itself,
which has the job of accepting connections and delivering them
to other threads to be processed.

In my running network server, for example, when I look at the
threads that are active, I see:

"NetworkServerThread_2" prio=6 tid=0x03044c80 nid=0x27c runnable [0x033cf000..0x033cfae8]
        at Method)
        - locked <0x22a857d8> (a
        at org.apache.derby.impl.drda.ClientThread$ Source)
        at Method)
        at Source)

Do you see a thread like that?

When your server becomes stuck/wedged/unresponsive, why don't you try this:
 - collect a thread dump of the entire JVM
 - look through the threads for any which mention "org.apache.derby" in their stacks
 - edit out all the other threads from your thread dump

Then post a message with a cut-and-paste of just the derby-related threads
in your wedged server, and maybe it will be more clear to somebody else
what the problem is.



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