Hi folks,
I'm Denis Weerasiri, an undergraduate from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Still I don't have an concrete idea, I'm hoping to come up with an improvement to derby tooling and utilities as my GSoC project in this year. Last year, I successfully completed my GSoC project, BPEL debugger for Apache ODE.

I have used Apache Derby a lot for my projects but haven't really looked into the source code. So these days I'm studying the Derby code base. Since it is a fairly large code base I would appreciate some help in getting familiar with the code. Please do let me know where I should get started. Any special packages/modules/classes I should look into?

Also if there is anything in particular I should be concerned of with respect to this project idea (any critical bugs etc I should focus on) please let me know. Any response is most appreciated.

Best Regards,