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From "Hussein Sherif" <hussein.sh...@datamatters.de>
Subject White Space in CLASSPATH
Date Wed, 10 Feb 2010 20:14:46 GMT
Hi all,

thanks for Derby and all other wonderful tools.

I am actually new to derby and not much of useful experience in Java. I
have not yet read every thing on how to use derby. But I came across an
issue of white space in a path name when using derby. Until  now I thought
it was not a problem; since I started to use derby the *.jar files are not
found correctly if the path contains a space, e.g "D:\WSpace\Program
Files\Apache\derby*". I then set the path in quotation marks (as shown);
it works for some tools and not for others. Then I renamed the path
eliminating white space and seems to work.
One of the error messages was "Unable to acess D:\WSpace\Program".

I use Windows XP pro.

Also when the tools like 'syinfo' add to the CLASSPATH, they still use the
UNIX "/" instead of MS Windows "\"; it might not be a problem but looks
unusual; for example :

"...; Sherif\Apache\Derby\db-derby-;"

Thank you,


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